Genetics Conferences|Dubai |UAE|2017

About Conference
Gavin Conferences invites participants from all over the world to attend “International Conference onGenetics & Molecular Research”.Genetics 2017 is a three day conference going to be held at Dubai, UAE from May 22-24, 2017 and is open to attendees, academics and non-academic audiences.

The three day conference is designed to bring researchers, academicians, doctorates, professors, lecturers and scholars to discuss research and share ideas regarding career interests to make event experience even better. During the event, participants can build networks and share information and ideas with one another.

Genetics is the branch of science that deals with inheritance of physical and behavioral characteristics among living organisms. It is a process of trait inheritance from parents to offsprings, including the molecular structure and function of genes, gene behavior in the context of a cell or organism gene distribution, and variation and change in populations.


Our aim is to explore the research and ideas among health professionals to reduce genetic disorders and to improve abnormal genetic conditions. We would like to invite you to be a part of our esteemed conference.

Conference Highlights

Clinical genetics
Biochemical genetics
Molecular genetics
Gene therapy techniques
DNA transfer
Gene therapy for cancer
Challenges of gene therapy
Genome analysis
Research areas
Applications of genomics
Genomic medicine
Drug-metabolizing enzymes
Predictive prescribing
Drug labeling
Animal Breeding and Genetics
Methods of Animal Breeding
Artificial Breeding of Animals
Advanced technologies
Blue biotechnology
Green biotechnology
Red biotechnology
White biotechnology
Methods of studying proteins
Emerging trends in proteomics
Emerging trends in proteomics
Genetic testing ancestry
Genetic testing during pregnancy
Advantages and disadvantages of genetic testing
Genetic testing for cancer risk
Microbiology and genetic engineering
Bacterial genetics
Microbial genetics and infectious disease
Applications of microbial genetics
Prenatal molecular diagnostics
Diagnostics for infectious diseases
Molecular diagnostics for cancer
Molecular diagnostics drug development

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